Aachen Germany: 1 day Itinerary

Aachen is a German city located near the border with Belgium and the Netherlands famous for its spas and thermal baths.

Aachen GermanyAachen Cathedral

1 day in Aachen Germany

Start the day by visiting the Cathedral of Aachen, a symbol of the city and main attraction.

It was the first building in Germany to be included in Unesco’s Patrimony List. Near the cathedral walk down the streets Hartmannstrasse, Kapuzinergraben, Kleinmarschierstrasse, Schmiedstrasse, Annastrasse where you will find small boutiques.

The Town Hall of Aachen is another attraction of Aachen, and one of the striking structures of the old town center with its façade with 50 statues of German rulers. The Town Hall is located in the Markt square.

At 450 meters from the Town Hall is the Elisenbrunnen, a symbol of the spa town of Aachen. The marble plaques remind us of the names of the famous visitors who came to the spa over the centuries.

Several spa-related resorts and baths continue the tradition, including the luxurious Carolus Thermen Resort.

Follow to the Adalbertstrasse, the main shopping street in Aachen. Also visit the medieval gates of the city, Marschiertor and Ponttor.

Things to see

  • Aachen Cathedral
  • Town Hall
  • Markt
  • Elisenbrunnen
  • Adalbertstrasse
  • Marschiertor
  • Ponttor


Aachen Cathedral – Town Hall – 200 meters

Markt – Elisenbrunnen – 450 meters

Elisenbrunnen – Adalbertstrasse – 350 meters

Adalbertstrasse – Marschiertor – 1 km

Marschiertor – Ponttor – 1,7 km

Itinerary Map

Tourist Information Centre in Aachen

Address: Krefelder Straße 123, Aachen

Site: www.aachen-tourismus.de

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